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Jubilee Oregon is a chapter of the Jubilee USA Network, a non-profit advocacy organization that is dedicated to reducing poverty in the world. 

We focus on the cancellation of odious and illegitimate debt that many developing nations face, thereby freeing up financial resources to serve their their own people.  We work for the establishment of responsible lending and borrowing practices in the global economic system today.

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The IMF announces $170 million in Ebola Debt Relief!  Good work Jubilee USA!  Visit their website for details.

Jubilee Oregon Hosts Zambian Visitors

During the week of 12-17 October  the Jubilee Oregon team played host to our new friends, Geoffrey Chongo and Phoebe Moono. There were numerous meetings to attend, presentations made by our guests, and get-acquainted discussions at dinner and luncheon venues.  Much was learned and new friendships were forged.  Now the challenge for Jubilee Oregon is to develop strategies and plans to carry this relationship into the future.

This just received...an excellent interview with Geoffrey, conducted by the wife of Andrew Hanauer, Jubulee USA Campaigns Director.  Follow this link:  http://www.redletterchristians.org/losing-chains-debt-interview-geoffrey-chongo/




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